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TopTeep is a technology company with an expertise in hardware and software development

The phenomenon of digitalization and Industry 4.0 is enabling modern business to achieve the next level. Due to digitized processes different standalone solutions start to communicate between each other, and are becoming able to make decisions on their own.

Industry 4.0

Our Vision

We believe that technology is serving not only large, but small and medium manufacturing companies as well. We also support the belief that every shareholder in the business process of such companies can gain value from technological solutions by understanding them and applying them in an intelligent way. In order to help companies to create value, we act as a hub that is responsible for developing software and hardware solutions which digitalize manufacturing processes, cover planning, monitoring and controlling of manufacturing processes in an easy-to-use and intuitive manner.

CEO & Founder at TopTeep

Our Values


In every aspect of our work, we act as professionals making sure that we sustain to be what our clients expect our software to be. We believe in continuous improvement, thus, we put a great effort into improving not just our business processes, but ourselves as well. Our aim is to become a world-leading MES provider - the best on the market.


The learning process is part of the solution, not of our software. We do not want our clients to waste their time on learning to use a new software, that is why we established solutions that enable them to focus on business development in an efficient way.


A split of a second can make a huge difference! We dig into details to present the highest accuracy of data, so every detail of potential waste and loss is identified.

Tailor made

Our software completely supports the manufacturing and business processes of our clients. We fully understand their industries, core business, and manufacturing processes, this qualifies us to act as a partner and not just a provider.

In TopTeep we strongly believe that every shareholder can understand and is able to use information provided through our solutions.

That is the reason why we believe that our MES solution is just a toolkit for your system management, and we measure its success according to its contribution to the value that our users create in their daily management of operations.

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