Once we get the signal from the machine, we think of immediate prosperity for your business

ERP integration

ERP integration

Work orders and all relevant master data for your production is in ERP, so we need to enable either migration or integration of those data in our system

With our solution, you will be able to download production plan and technology into our system, or create those in our system and upload them back in your ERP solution

All data collected and related to work orders and machine operations can be uploaded to the existing ERP system. We enable deep integration with external systems like WMS, APS, DMS, PLM…

Key benefit: you enrich your existing system with fully automated shop floor data collection system.



Each factory is its own finger print, so there is sometimes need for customizing solution in order to gain expected value

70% of the solution is customized and 30% has to customized during the project

Key benefit: in a world of variety and possibilities, it is essential for business success to establish partners infrastructure. That is what we are looking from our clients… to become the partner for smart manufacturing solutions.

Easy and fast connect machines on our web platform for machine monitoring and manufacturing process management